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PDI Sani-Cloth 70% Alcohol Wipes - SteroplastSani-Cloth is an ideal disinfectant for use in fast-paced environments that require a short contact time and broad coverage of efficacy against microorganismsPDI D59851 Sani-Cloth 70% Alcohol Wipes, Pack of 200PDI D59851 Sani-Cloth 70% Alcohol Wipes, Pack of 200 · Pre-dosed disinfectant alcohol wipes that provide effective infection control · Controlled dosage ensures 
PDI Sani-Cloth 70 Alcohol Wipes - 6 Packs (125 Wipes/PackPDI Sani-Cloth 70 are pre-dosed disinfectant (70% v/v Isopropyl Alcohol) wipes suitable for the disinfection of non-invasive medical devices, and to decontaminate PDI Sani-Cloth 70% Alcohol Wipes - Tub of 200 | Free UKSani-Cloth 70 are pre-dosed disinfectant (70% Isopropyl Alcohol) wipes providing effective infection control. Sani-Cloths can be used for disinfection of Sani-Cloth® 70 - Global - PDI HealthcareSani-Cloth 70 are disposable disinfection wipes for non-invasive medical devices and general surfaces. Accessories & Compliance Tools. Sizes & Formats

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